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About Me

My journey into counseling started when I was very young and lost my mom to cancer. At the time, no one really knew how to help a child work through a loss like that. My coping skills were limited to what I observed around me and the lens in which I interpreted life. Growing up, I had a compassion for people and their struggles. I also longed to better myself. During my teenage years, I ran away from home and experienced a few things along the way, my limited coping skills could only get me so far. I didn’t know how to reach out for help and kept all my issues inside. I wanted to appear like I had it all together. During my youth I was introduced to a relationship with God through Jesus Christ.. My relationship with God was life changing, I had a new friend who was always with me and I could talk to. This new relationship gave me a sense of purpose and direction. I married at a young age and had four children and we were involved in various ministries in our church. I’ve seen some things, experienced some things, since then, that I will not go into here, but I will say that I love people and want to see people be able to be the best version of themselves and become all that they are meant to be. Through the years I have read, researched, and studied to be able to help myself and others walk this journey we call life.. I dug deep into my spiritual life and received inner healing and peace I never knew I could have. That is why I am here, now, to walk beside you on the parts of your journey where you need a little help so you can keep going forward and living life.

At Lifestreams, PLLC I Am Here to Help You

Whether you are dealing with an upcoming decision or want a fresh perspective I am here to help. If you are going through a relationship issue, struggling with self-confidence, identity crisis, life transition, addiction, behavior issues, family issues, I am here for you. If you are walking through a loss, abortion, divorce I am here for you. Women’s issues, I would love to support you. Spiritual issues, I am here for you. I will not push anything on you, I am open to listen and support you. Inner healing, I would love to help. I can work with you to find your strengths, develop your coping skills, communicate with others, learn mindfulness techniques, relaxation techniques, and even work on anger issues. I have over 10 years in drug and alcohol counseling and can provide services for that too. Whatever you are going through, I am here to help.

Specialties and Issues